A Posh Picnic

Bottles… heavy, cumbersome & who forgot the corkscrew? You’ll have none of these issues with Amfora cans for your posh picnic. Taking up less space and weight in your cool box, hamper, rucksack or handbag… plus, no glasses are needed.

olives and feta
Olives & Feta + NO.1 sparkling white

No.1 Sparkling White is sweet and refreshing. Perfect for cutting through the salty flavours of the feta and olives.

cakes wine and picnic pairing guide
Sweet Pastry & Cake + NO.2 sparkling rosÉ

No.2 Sparkling Rosé will go down nicely with sweet pastry or cake. One of our local pit stops to pick up a sweet treat is @lockdownbakehouselondon. Grab a bag full of small cakes & create your own posh al fresco afternoon tea.

scotch eggs wine and picnic pairing guide
Scotch Eggs + No.3 rosÉ

No.3 Rosé pairs perfectly with eggs. So why not get some proper scotch eggs from @cleaverslondon (not the dry sawdust ones from supermarkets!)

quiches & SAVOURY TARTS  + No.4 white

Quiche me quick… our No.4 White pairs perfectly with quiches and savoury tarts. A favourite of ours is @cleaverslondon.

Gala Pie + No.5 red

The Gala Pie… a Brucey Bonus with the hard boiled egg running through the middle. A perfect paring is our No.5 Red.

sausage roll wine and picnic pairing guide
Sausage roll  + Pinot Noir

A picnic classic… sausage rolls. King of a savoury snack. And the West + Wilder Pinot Noir is a perfect pairing. Gail’s Bakery do an amazing sausage roll. And for the vegetarians a spinach and feta roll.

Shushi + Chenin blanc

West + Wilder Chenin Blanc is a light, delicate wine and pairs really well with Asian foods, which is why we suggest Sushi. Available at Wasabi and Itsu.

bread & cheese + frizzante

One of our favourite deli’s for picnic supplies is @bayleyandsage. Specifically, all the cheese you can dream of; light & creamy tallegio to pair with a sparkling Scarpetta Frico Frizzante. Plus they have a great selection of fresh breads.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you miss out on tasty cheese, a full vegan cheese & cracker sharing feast from Honestly Tasty available to buy online at Local and Independent

cured meat wine and picnic pairing guide
Cured Meats + Lambrusco

A good cheese should be complimented by excellent charcuterie (not vegan friendly!).

Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco from North Eastern Italy pairs excellently with some Devon charcuterie from Good Game available at Local and Independent. 

So whether you’re heading to the common, a park for a posh picnic, head over to the shop and grab yourself a box of canned wine to take along.

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