Breakfast in Bed

Treat your loved one to Breakfast in Bed this Valentine’s. Our guide will help you pair the perfect wine to breakfast.


Pancakes + No.1 sparkling white

No.1 Sparkling White is a light, fruity and crisp wine. It's delicate flavours will boost any pancake breakfast. We would top with blueberries,  drizzled with honey.


GRANOLA + No.2 sparkling rosÉ

No.2 Sparkling Rosé is dry and fruity. This sparkling wine has juicy acidity and pairs well with a fruit based granola. It will certainly add a weighty touch of plushness on the palate.


Eggs benedict + No.3 rosÉ

No.3 Rosé can pair with a wide range of foods. We have paired it up with Eggs Benedict to bring balance to this dish. This is a rosé to enjoy day in, day out.


poached eggs & salmon + No.4 white

No.4 White pairs perfectly with fish and eggs. Dry, elegant and aromatic with balanced acidity, compliments this dish perfectly. Vegetarian? Just leave out the switch the salmon for halloumi.


Turkish eggs + No.5 red

No.5 Red pairs perfectly with a bowl of Turkish eggs. A fruity wine that brings out all the rich flavours of tomatoes and peppers. What more could you want from this breakfast pairing?


French toast + Chenin blanc

West + Wilder Chenin Blanc is a light, delicate wine, balanced with just the right amount of acidity. Pairing with French Toast, topped with honey and berries, will only enhance all the flavours in this dish.


Pastries + Frizzante

Scarpetta Frico Frizzante is a crisp, bubbly pleasure in a can. The cleanliness of this sparkling wine, helps cut through an all butter pastry. Perfect if you want something light and refreshing for breakfast.


Omelette + Lambrusco

Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco pairs perfectly with cheeses and prosciuttos. With a kiss of sweetness and a wonderful tart finish, its a no brainer when it comes to this classic. Vegetarian? Just leave out the ham!


Steak & eggs + Pinot noir

West & Wilder Pinot Noir is a rich, fruity wine that pairs with any red meat. A perfect pairing with steak and eggs, making this one hell of a luxurious brunch.

Head over to the shop and grab yourself a box of canned wine to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

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