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15 recommended wines in cans

Good libations; International drinks for a summer staycation. You might not be crossing any borders this year – but that doesn’t mean your drinks cabinet can’t. Written by Rob Crossan – Luxury London, Apr 21, 2021.

‘Tis the time of year when thoughts usually turn to 5am flights from Luton and sunnier climes on the Continent where baked beans are not considered a breakfast staple, nobody knows who Nigel Farage is and ‘bottomless prosecco brunches’ are an alien concept presumably dreamt up by an infinitely more barbaric species.

But we, most likely, won’t be going to any of the destinations that offer such sane and pleasurable riches. We’ll be here; drinking underneath a giant ‘Fosters’ lager parasol in a beer garden and attempting to find a self-catering cottage in the Cotswolds that isn’t booked until Remembrance Sunday.

So, this month, the Good Libations column is taking a tour to holiday destinations near and far. You might not be able to get up close and personal with the beaches, mountain and surly border patrol officers in these places, but you can still drink their booze…

West + Wilder Canned Wines

For some reason, the overwhelming majority of canned wine makers think that men will never, ever be interested in consuming their products. Hence labelling which often makes them look like they should be next to the earrings in a branch of Claire’s Accessories. West + Wilder has gone for a more neutral, bucolic look to its wines; the detailed, and very lovely, drawings of plants and flowers on the labels are more akin to something you’d see in an educational book on botany. As for the taste? It’s a mixed bag with the white wine impressing most. It’s attempting to ape the breezy charms of US West Coast wines from Oregon and Washington and the result is rather charming; a Sonoma-esque lightness of touch to the blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Viognier Muscat and Chardonnay, with just the right amount of sunshine-imbued acidity.

Drink Up! by The Telegraph

Amfora London Telegraph Article

Drink Up by The Telegraph – Gin in paper bottles, flat-pack wines and picnic friendly cans – it’s time to think more eco. Written by Susie Atkins, 9 May, 2021.

The West + Wilder canned wines are relatively pricey, but the quality of the contents is high. This is an excellent Washington State Chenin Blanc with pear and apple flavours, perfect to take on a picnic.

10 best canned wines – BBC GoodFood

15 recommended wines in cans

Forget bottles – these days, it’s all about wine in a can. Read our expert review to discover the 10 best canned whites, rosés, spritzers and red wines ideal for taking to picnics and parties. Written by Henry Jeffreys – Wine expert for BBG GoodFood (, Aug 3, 2020.

Spring is in the air and lockdown restrictions are being lifted, which can mean only one thing: it’s picnic time! For all your al fresco sipping needs, we’ve rounded up the best canned wines out there.

 This category has come on in leaps and bounds recently. There are even specialist companies now, like Copper Crew, Kiss of Wine and the aptly named Canned Wine Company. Many of my favourites come from South Africa, a country that’s really over-delivering on deliciousness per pound. There are some wines below that are genuinely superb, not just nice for swigging in the sunshine.

And, why not? Canned wines aren’t just for picnics, taking on trains or drinking at festivals. They’re handy for when you might fancy just a glass of something nice midweek rather than open a bottle. We’re just now catching up with the Americans who have long been putting quality wines in cans. It helps that canning technology has improved hugely in recent years, and you’re no longer going to get any odd metallic tastes.

The Environment

Cans can be better for the environment, too. They weigh less and tend to be recycled more than glass. Plus, some of these cans are transported in bulk to Britain before being canned here, which saves on energy.

A quick word on stockists: since the start of the pandemic, most companies have invested in e-commerce sites and we’ve become used to buying things in bulk. For some of these products, I’ve included a direct source, but for others, there’s a retailer.

For this test, I tasted the samples out of a glass, then straight from the can. The sweeter, simpler wines tended to taste better well-chilled out of a can, whereas the more complex ones – especially the reds – should be poured into a proper glass.

The best canned wines to buy 2021
  • HUN – Sparkling Rosé
  • WEST + WILDER – White 
    This is a fruit salad of varieties, including sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc, viognier, muscat, and chardonnay, all grown in the west coast of US in California, Oregon and Washington state. It’s a very complex drop with green apples, creamy texture and salty tang. Pretty tasty all round.
  • BALFOUR – Pink fizz
  • KISS OF WINE – Smooth Chardonnay 2019
  • CANNED WINE COMPANY – Old vine garnacha 2016
  • COPPER CREW – Chenin Blanc 2019
  • LUBANZI – Red 2019
  • THE CURATOR – White 2020
  • SCARPETTA – Lambrusco 
    This is such a good idea. Traditional sparkling red lambrusco from Emilia Romagna, with its vibrant simple flavours, is the perfect picnic wine. It’s joyful stuff – bittersweet dark cherry fruit jumps out when you open it, backed up by plenty of fizz. This is what canned wine should be.
  • IGO – Organic Rosé 2019
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Amfora London joins UK’s growing canned wine sector

Amfora London joins UK's growing canned wine sector drinks retailing news

We have been featured in an article on Drinks Retailing News. Focusing on how Amfora London joins the UK’s growing canned wine sector. Written by Sonya Hook, 23 March, 2021.

Amfora London is bringing a range of wines in cans to the UK market.

The wines, which come from Northern Italy and the US West Coast, include a selection of white, red, rose and sparkling options in 25cl cans.

The company will start by launching seven wines from two wineries. The wines from the US West Coast come from West + Wilder, while Scarpetta, which specialises in wines inspired by the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is the producer behind the sparkling options.

From West + Wilder there is a white (12.5% abv), a Chenin Blanc (12.5% abv), rose (12.5% abv), sparkling rose (12.5% abv) and a Pinot Noir (13% abv).

Scarpetta’s wines include a Frico Frizzante (10% abv) and a Frico Lambrusco (9.5% abv).

Nick Solomides, founder at Amfora London, said:

“We are eager to show our commitment to bringing premium canned wines to the UK. We understand the world of wine can be intimidating and so we carefully select the independent wineries to ensure our customers can trust that we’ll provide a true taste experience. Not only is wine in a can the future in terms of convenience and sustainability, for us it’s also about delivering a genuinely great tasting wine to be enjoyed and appreciated.”

Kenny Rochford, co-founder at West + Wilder said:

“My co-founder Matt and I are excited to be working with Amfora London and respect the commitment the founders have shown to our core values. Sourcing premium product and setting up new supply chains is always a challenge, something the Amfora team have proven more than capable of in their quest to deliver UK consumers the best possible product. We are now working with the London team on some exciting new products for the UK summer.”

Grazia: Lunchtime Shop

Grazia Daily Lunchtime Shop press release article

We have been featured in the daily post of Grazia Lunchtime Shop. Written by  Hannah Banks-Walker, 19 March 2021.

Forget gin in a tin, the new craze is wine in a can which, while less catchy, is just as handy for picnics in the park or any similar outdoor socialising you might have planned for when the rules change in the UK. Or, if you fancy a glass of wine with dinner but don’t want to open a bottle, Amfora London’s cans are the perfect solution.

grazia lunchtime shop instagram story
grazia lunchtime shop online post

London On The Inside: Lockdown Libations #11

London on the inside post press article

We were featured in the London On The Inside Lockdown Libations #11 picnic and outdoor drink guide. Written by Megan Read, 22nd March 2021.

We’re counting down the days till the parks are back resembling a scene from Glasto, and thankfully there’s not long left to go. Once lockdown is eased on 29th March and the sun begins to shine we will be packing our picnic hampers and flocking to the nearest greenery to enjoy a cheeky drink or two. Whether you’re a fan of wine, cocktails, beer or seltzers we’ve got something for everyone…

No doubt you’ve got plenty of lockdown celebrations and birthdays to make up for when you’re finally reunited with friends, so why not treat them to these luxe cans. Amfora source their wines from the west coast of the US and northern Italy AND they’ve got all types available – rose, white, red, frizzante and even a canned lambrusco. Not only do they taste good but their pretty packaging and sustainable focus means they are guaranteed to impress. Pair these with some high-end olives and you’ve transported the posh wine bar to the park.