Get together

It’s time for a get together… here are some food and wine pairing ideas for when you’re hosting that dinner party!

Tempura prawns + no.1 sparkling white

Kick off the evening with our No.1 Sparkling White and tempura prawns with an aioli dip, to make a tasty, light appetizer. 

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Burrata & grilled peaches + No.2 sparkling rosÉ

No.2 Sparkling Rosé is great with fruit. So pairing it up with a creamy burrata and adding some grilled peaches will complement this canned wine.

Sorbet + No.3 RosÉ

Our No.3 Rosé is a light dry wine,  that will pair well with any flavour sorbet. It will just enhance all the fruity flavours on offer for a lighter dessert.

Thai green curry + no. 4 white

Our No.4 White pairs well with a Thai green curry. The creamy coconut with hints of spice go well with this dry white wine!

Beef bourguignon + no.5 red

Fancy serving a satisfying and hearty meal? Pair our No.5 Red with a  bowl of beef bourguignon and mash! Making it a very special dish!

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