15 recommended wines in cans

Good libations - Luxury London

Good libations; International drinks for a summer staycation. You might not be crossing any borders this year – but that doesn’t mean your drinks cabinet can’t. Written by Rob Crossan – Luxury London, Apr 21, 2021.

‘Tis the time of year when thoughts usually turn to 5am flights from Luton and sunnier climes on the Continent where baked beans are not considered a breakfast staple, nobody knows who Nigel Farage is and ‘bottomless prosecco brunches’ are an alien concept presumably dreamt up by an infinitely more barbaric species.

But we, most likely, won’t be going to any of the destinations that offer such sane and pleasurable riches. We’ll be here; drinking underneath a giant ‘Fosters’ lager parasol in a beer garden and attempting to find a self-catering cottage in the Cotswolds that isn’t booked until Remembrance Sunday.

So, this month, the Good Libations column is taking a tour to holiday destinations near and far. You might not be able to get up close and personal with the beaches, mountain and surly border patrol officers in these places, but you can still drink their booze…

West + Wilder Canned Wines

For some reason, the overwhelming majority of canned wine makers think that men will never, ever be interested in consuming their products. Hence labelling which often makes them look like they should be next to the earrings in a branch of Claire’s Accessories. West + Wilder has gone for a more neutral, bucolic look to its wines; the detailed, and very lovely, drawings of plants and flowers on the labels are more akin to something you’d see in an educational book on botany. As for the taste? It’s a mixed bag with the white wine impressing most. It’s attempting to ape the breezy charms of US West Coast wines from Oregon and Washington and the result is rather charming; a Sonoma-esque lightness of touch to the blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Viognier Muscat and Chardonnay, with just the right amount of sunshine-imbued acidity.