Let's have a meat cute

Cured meats, pâtés and wine… but which ones are to have a meat cute?
Let’s find out in our guide below which will hopefully help with the pairings!

Bresola + no.1 sparkling White

No.1 Sparkling White is light and crispy which compliments this very savoury and earthy snack.

Proscuitto + no.2 sparkling rosÉ

No.2 Sparkling Rosé is fruity and sweet. This compliments the saltiness of the prosciutto.

Traditional spanish sausage - chorizo
Chorizo + no.3 rosÉ

No.3 Rosé cuts through the slightly spicy, smokey paprika flavours.

Salami + No.4 white

Again, our No.4 White pairs perfectly with most cured meats with its clean crisp notes. We have paired this one with salami.

Cooked country ham + No. 5 Red

No.5 Red with some cooked country ham… top it off with a bit of chutney for all the salty and fruity flavours.

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