Meet our producers

We only offer premium canned wine from producers we know and respect around the world. Please meet our producers Scarpetta and West+Wilder.
Meet our producers Lachlan Patterson from scarpetta


Years ago our travels took us the north eastern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. A passion for creating wines from this unique region led us to expanding into all of Italy. True Italian traditions include drinking good wine, having great conversation, and little moments of celebration with everyday meals. Creating Scarpetta was a homage to this lifestyle. Scarpetta refers to a small piece of bread used to soak up the last bit of delicious sauce on your plate that you can’t possibly leave behind.

Italy is as diverse in its wines as it is in its cuisine. This is why we have developed a passion for combining regional wines with provincial recipes. There’s an old food and wine pairing motto that says, “if it grows together, it goes together.” We hope Scarpetta wines will bring the story of the Italian table to life. Enjoy our wines with good food, but more importantly share — from special occasions to everyday adventures.


West + Wilder

WEST + WILDER is a project by long-time Sonoma friends Matthew Allan and Kenny Rochford.

Matt’s background is in marketing. It was a dalliance with the wine business years ago that lead to this friendship. Frequently responsible for creating and launching products, Matt has worked extensively with clean tech businesses, both in startup and IPO stages. The opportunity to work with a good friend, and with wine again made Matt smile.

Kenny is the wine mastermind. Beginning with a fine wine shop while at university, he’s worked wine production, marketing and general management roles with California wineries. Most recently, he launched the brand CIRQ and spearheaded sales and marketing for Pinot Noir heroes Kosta Browne. No stranger to the world of highly allocated brands, he was drawn to a project that brought that same level of focus and quality to something more widely available and fun. When not obsessing on wine he spends his time cooking and encouraging people to eat more marmalade.

Their wine company is called John Curtis & Sons after their fathers and their sons –

Meet our producers Kenny from west and wilder
“My co-founder Matt and I are excited to be working with Amfora London and respect the commitment the founders have shown to our core values. Sourcing premium product and setting up new supply chains is always a challenge, something the Amfora team have proven more than capable of in their quest to deliver UK consumers the best possible product. We are now working with the London team on some exciting new products for the UK summer.”
Kenny Rochford, co-founder at West + Wilder