Plant pals

All our canned wines are vegan friendly, so they are the perfect plant pals if you’re doing Veganuary. Check out our guide below for the perfect pairings.

plant pal pancakes
Dairy free pancakes + no.1 sparkling white

Who doesn’t love pancakes with honey and fruit? Our No.1 Sparkling White is bubbly, crisp and light which will go perfectly with them!

plant pal vegan cake
Raspberry & almond cake + No.2 sparkling rosÉ

Forget tea with cake! The tangy raspberries and the sweet almonds almonds really bring out the light berry flavours of our No.2 Sparkling Rosé.

plant pal beetroot burger
Beetroot burger + No.3 RosÉ

Our No.3 Rosé is a light dry wine,  that will pair well with the earthy tones of the beetroot. It will also cut through the creamy smashed avocado on top. A must for a summer BBQ session!

super salads + no. 4 white

Salads are fresh and full of flavour, just like our No.4 White. It’s the perfect drink to complement any salad combo. Just be careful with vinegar based dressings could throw the tastes off balance.

plant pal ratatouille
ratatouille + no.5 red

For a satisfying seasonal meal, pair a baked ratatouille dish with our smooth and fruit No.5 Red. It interacts with the tomatoes and vegetables in a very special way!

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