Sip me baby one more time

Sip me baby one more time… Our cocktail guide shows just some of the amazing cocktails you can make with our cans of wine. 

Earl Grey Aquavit Spritz
Earl grey Aquavit Spritz

No.1 Sparkling White and Earl Grey tea… two of the nations favourite drinks in one!

sip me rose 75 cocktail
A classic and sophisticated cocktail using our No.2 Sparkling Rosé. Definitely a cocktail that is pretty in pink.
sip me frose recipe cocktails

One to cool you down in the summer… a frozen No.3 Rosé cocktail. Just think alcoholic slush puppy!

sip me amfora London mint and citrus sangria
Mint & Citrus White Sangria

Sangria is delicate, refreshing, and sweet. This one is made with our No.4 White. Perfect to sip on as an afternoon drink.

summer sangria
Summer Sangria

A great way to enjoy our No.5 Red in the summer… ice cold and very fruity!

15 nov
Saint Chenin

A West + Wilder Chenin Blanc and Elderflower liquor cocktail. It tastes very similar to a gin and tonic, making it a great alternative.

sip me rhythm and booze cocktail
The Rhythm & Booze Cocktail

West + Wilder Pinot Noir in a cocktail… hell yeah! This is one punchy cocktail.

sip me classic mimosa cocktail recipe
Classic Mimosa

Scarpetta Frico Frizzante with orange… a simple classic! You can’t go wrong with this boozy brunch cocktail.

sip me gin Lambrusco cocktail
Gin Lambrusco

This pretty two-toned drink is a gin based cocktail drizzled with Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco. What more could you ask for?

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