To brie or not to brie

To brie, or not to brie?

Cheese and wine… the perfect pairing. But brie, or not to brie with that wine? Our guide below will hopefully help with some of the decision making!

Brie & figs + frizzante

A light & creamy brie pairs with a sparkling Scarpetta Frico Frizzante. Add figs and honey and you have one delightful moment.

figs and brie cheese and wine pairing guide
soft cheese and wine pairing guide
Cream Cheese + Chenin blanc

West + Wilder Chenin Blanc is a light, delicate wine and pairs really well with a cream cheese. Nothing too strong to allow the flavours of the wine to come out.

Parmigiano reggino + Lambrusco

Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco from North Eastern Italy naturally pairs excellently with  parmigiano reggino. The fruity wine cuts through the salty cheese.

parmagina To brie or not to brie
goats cheese and wine pairing guide
Soft goats cheese + white

West + Wilder White pairs perfectly with a soft goats cheese. Creamy, tart and fruity. Delicious.

Gruyere + pinot noir

West + Wilder Pinot Noir is a perfect with a gruyere cheese. 

gruyere To brie or not to brie
feta To brie or not to brie
Feta + rosÉ

West + Wilder Rosé pairs perfectly with a feta. Being vegan doesn’t mean you miss out on feta cheese. Most supermarkets stock a great vegan feta.

Burrata & grilled peaches + sparkling rosÉ

West + Wilder Sparkling Rosé is great with fruit. So pairing it up with a creamy burrata and adding some grilled peaches will complement this canned wine.

burrata cheese and wine pairing guide

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