Why Cans?

3 x 250ml cans = 800g. 1 x 750ml glass bottle = 1200g.


Please recycle all packaging

Amfora London are conscious to use only recyclable materials. Starting with the cans you are drinking from; compared to glass, aluminium is infinitely recyclable. If you recycle your empty can it is possible to be made into a new can, refilled and put back into circulation in just 60 days. Saving approximately 95% of the energy required to make a can from new raw materials.

Perfect for so many reasons

Reduced Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of transporting and packaging wine in a can is up to 80% lower than glass bottles. Cans are lighter, easier to stack and less prone to breakage, so less packaging is required. Overall, considerably more efficient to transport.

Anytime, anywhere

Wine in a can is easier, safer & lighter to carry than bottles or glasses. Giving you the freedom to enjoy great wines without compromise on taste or location. Please share with us where you have enjoyed your cans. The same volume of wine in a bottle weighs 33% more. This also makes your recycling bin at home lighter when you need to empty it 😉.


Wine in a can... enjoy anywhere; buy Amfora